Recording Real Estate Documents

Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Sec.317.11 and 317.112 (A).

The Crawford County Recorder’s Office is the official land records office for all real estate located in Crawford County.  The Recorder’s Office keeps and maintains accurate land records that are current, legible and easily accessible.

The Recorder accepts for recording those documents relating to real property transactions.

In order for these documents to be accepted by our Recording Staff, they must meet those requirements set by the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Sec.317.11 and 317.112 (A).

It is your responsibility to ensure that your documents are legible for scanning purposes and accurate before recording.

Recording Guide

  1. Documents MUST be originals, signed, and notarized
  2. Documents Prepared in Ohio, Must Contain “Prepared By” Statement.
  3. Prepare documents legibly.
  4. Include the complete legal description of the property. Needed for geographic indexing.
  5. Properly reference previously recorded documents when you submit subsequent related documents for recording. Include: Book & Page number.
  6. Identify schedules and exhibits clearly.
  7. Include the correct filing fee. See our complete list of Recording Fees.
  8. Include separate checks for Recorder, Auditor, & Treasurer.
  9. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to ensure return of the original document. Otherwise the Recorder’s Office will charge you postage to return the original document.
  10. Include the name and address of preparer and the return-to address for the document. Also, include your telephone number to call if there is a minor, correctable problem.
  11. Check your work, especially for extra fees, to make sure your document is complete for recording in order to avoid rejection.

Please make sure your documents conform to the Document Standardization Requirements.